Who we are -

My-Space Corporation ( MSC ) is a developer and manufacturer of novelty electronics, our goal is to create unique and innovative electronic novelties for customers all around the world.

Since 1996 we have been leading the market to announce innovative electronics as below :


1996 MS-680 Hippo Art Speaker - The first Hippo shape multimedia speaker system available in the market.

1997 MS-99 Robodog - The first interactive pet dog, leading SONY's announcement of AIBO. 

1999 MS-2000 Millennium Clock - The only sandglass countdown clock with transparent LCD display.

2000 MS-092 MP3 Clock - The first and only digital recordable alarm clock in the market with patent.

2002 MS-628 e-Book - The first digital recordable audio book for digital learning.

2005 MS-153 MP3 Player Clock - The first and only OTG MP3 Player clock supporting iPod shuffle.

2007 MS-3088 MP3 Doorbell - The first and only user recordable doorbell sounds in the market.

2009 MS-369 MP3 Piggy Bank - The first and only piggy bank in the world which is programmable for changing sounds.

2011 MS-920 MR. CLOUD HD Video Real Time Player - Massive high definition movies, watch for free permanently. 

2013 ACT-505 Alkaline Battery Charger - Digital Alkaline/Universal Battery Charger!

2015 Hello Kitty series - Small gift, big smile.

2016 DI-OZ01 Ozone Pen - World's smallest and unique portable Ozone water generator, pen size, easy to carry. 

2017 JJ-108 Relaxing Music Lamppost - 6 relaxing music, let you relieve stress, cheerful mood. 

2018 Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker series - Designed with highly efficient drivers, less than 1% harmonic distortion ensures enhanced clarity and fidelity. 

2019 MS-666 AI Clock - The first simple Artificial Intelligence Clock available in the market.

2020 MS-777 - AI Bear - Control your AI Bear by your voice.

2021 JM-499 - AI Hello Kitty stress relief and sleep aid alarm clock.

2022 BT-108 - Hello Kitty Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker series.

2023 MS-222 Indoor-Outdoor Water Dispensers - You can always dispose of fresh water indoors and outdoors.

2024 MS-99 AI Meter - This device uses the patented AI algorithm technology to measure blood glucose. One product for your whole family.

Why work with us -


For the last decade, we have been releasing the unique novelties first in the market. Working with most talent personnel and customers enables us to keep the path of product development relatively fast and innovative. You can always expect something stylish and unique from us. 


Most of our products are based on special customized MCU with dedicated software. The capability of MCU design in Taiwan is on the top of the world. Based on Taiwan and working closely with most advanced MCU design houses, we are always on the first to bring state-of-the-art technology to our customers.


To ensure quality, all of our products are made in Taiwan. Any of the quality issues can be settled quickly as all the necessary technical resources are around. There is no time difference or geographic barrier. 


                                                                                                                                              Copyrightę   My-Space Corporation.