Whenever you have problems about the MP3 device, please follow the troubleshooting procedures below:

  1. Restart your PC.

  2. If possible change another USB port.

  3. Remove the battery cover of the MP3 device.

  4. Install 3 new "AA" size (1.5V) batteries into the battery compartment and replace the cover.

  5. Please download  Resource Writer  from:  http://www.mp3item.com/Resource Writer.zip 

    The Resource Writer folder included 4 files. You can find IMAGEFILEWRITER_FTech_3_MASS.ISO

  6. Please run the SetupV2.01.102 firstly,  then use Resource Writer to format the MP3 device.

  7. Please connecting the MP3 device to PC’s USB port via USB cable for format you MP3 device..

  8. Please see picture of (Writer.jpg) instructed step and follow the 1 - 2 - 3 - 4  procedures.
  9. The Resource Writer software will re-format  the memory chip inside the MP3 device.

 10  After done, please disconnect the USB cable firstly, then connecting the USB cable again for downloading your

       favorite sounds to your MP3 device.

 Software Drivers for 50 seconds version:

Products MSC Model Number Software Remarks
MP3 Clock Previous models Download For 50 seconds printer port version
MP3 Clock MS-629, JM-4424 Download For 50 seconds USB version
MP3 Clock MS-092, MS-188, MS-288, MS-388 Download For 50 seconds USB version
  MP3 Doorbell MS-3088 , MS-3099 Download For 50 seconds USB version

After download, run the installation file and follow the on screen prompts.

Please do     NOT connect the MP3 device to PC USB port until the software has loaded. 


 1. After download, please double click the file (diy.exe) or (doorbell.exe) to start installation. Follow the on-screen prompts to  complete the installation of the  DIY Writer program onto your computer.

 2. Restart your PC.

 3. Please do NOT connect the clock to PC until the software installation is done.

 4. Take off batteries. Make sure all the batteries are in good condition. Also the +/- polarity is correct. Reinstall batteries.

 5. Run the " DIY Writer" software and try record a sound into the MP3 device.

 6. After download is complete, disconnect the cable from the MP3 device.. This is a must.

 7. This could caused by mistake operation from user sometimes. If you received any message " some data mismatch ", Please download  the of format software from  HERE 

 8. By clicking Scan Hardware on the left hand side one light touch, and scanning from 1 to 5 when color turns from gray back to black, and showed Fixed ok, it is done, it will format the entire memory to zero, after this step, you can start record sound again into the mp3 device. 

 9. If it does not sound, take off all the batteries, make sure they are good, reinstall batteries, watch the polarity carefully. Then turn on the switch again. If it still does not sound, please record again. 

10. If you have any problems, just contact us:  msc@mp3item.com Thank you !

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